Proven experience in various qualitative research methodologies and sectors of activities

Medical doctor with deep understanding of pharmaceutical business in Russia

Coordination and leading of International / Global projects


Native Russian with Fluent English
15 years in Qualitative Market Research
10 years work for International Market Research Companies - as a moderator and team leader
5 years freelance practice

Qualitative market research in Russia and CIS countries

Work in co-operation with local and international Market Research agencies and the most experienced professionals (moderators, quantitative researchers, recruiters and interpreters )

Full cycle of qualitative research (recruitment moderation, analysis, reporting, presentations) and assistance with recruitment, fieldwork, pre-qual desk research

Ability to organize and co-ordinate complex projects (with several moderators, qual+quant, consumer + B2B, etc)

Advanced organization and interpretation/analysis of pharmaceutical Market Research projects – based at combination of medical knowledge and Market Research skills

Providence of the most advanced modern FG facilities in Moscow and big cities of Russia with one way mirror, web-streaming, Focus Vision.

Reliable and reasonable pricing and timing.